Artist Statement

After surviving two natural disasters and experiencing a period of grief, I stepped away from painting for three years. Returning to an art practice allowed me to explore my emotional landscape with curiosity and kindness, creating a new body of work reflective of my healing journey. My studio time has evolved to begin each painting session with meditation and self-reflection, resulting in a collection expressing inner light and resilience.


Red 225 Gallery - Intimacism - Group Exhibition - June & July 2024 (Nashville, TN)
Rock Wall Gallery - Cosa Nostra - Group Exhibition - February & March 2024 (Nashville, TN)
Paradigm Gallery - Wild + The Art Queens - Group Exhibition - January 2024 (Philadelphia, PA)
Create! Gallery - Inner Power - Group Exhibition - July 2021 (online)
Germantown Art Crawl - February 2020 (Nashville, TN)
Gallery 30 South - Coaster Show - Group Exhibition - October 2019 (Pasadena, CA)
Creative Mornings - Amusement Park - Group Exhibition - September 2019 (Nashville, TN)


Crawl Space: A Packed Show at Packing Plant and Southern Abstraction at Tinney
Nashville Scene, May 30, 2024

Nashville Voyager, February 2022