Artist Statement

Drawing inspiration from lived experiences and emotionally driven memories, my paintings are a reflection of self-acceptance. My process relies heavily on my intuition and sense of presence. Vibrant colors and expressive layers are tools for releasing my body's emotional energy and transforming it into something beautiful on canvas. Bits of each layer peek through the next, portraying a complex history that harmoniously forms the final painting.

My work is representative of life's fluidity. Human experiences, both tragic and sublime, leave their mark and inform who we become. I'm amazed by the resilience of the human spirit and inspired by people who overcome adversity. My paintings represent a rich history of experiences and invite the viewer to pause for a moment of self-reflection.


The Create! Gallery - Inner Power - Group Exhibition - July 2021 (online)
Germantown Art Crawl - February 2020 (Nashville, TN)
Gallery 30 South - Coaster Show - Group Exhibition - October 2019 (Pasadena, CA)
Creative Mornings - Amusement Park - Group Exhibition - September 2019 (Nashville, TN)
Bits & Pieces - September 2018 (Nashville, TN)

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